Haikyuu’s Top 5 Strongest Characters

Haikyuu is a popular manga that has recently been adapted into an anime series. The anime Haikyuu follows a high school volleyball team’s progress at the national level of volleyball. The anime has a huge following and is one of the most popular shows for fans of sports anime in Japan. In this article, we will be taking a look at the top 5 strongest characters of Haikyuu. Each character has their own unique skill set and they all have an extremely important role.

1. Hinata Shouyo

Hinata Shouyo

Hinata Shouyo is the main character in Haikyuu!! As a person with a cheerful and energetic personality, he is sometimes criticized by people for his noisy personality. With the dream of becoming a professional volleyball player, defeating numerous opponents up to 1m 9 tall and scoring numerous goals, Hinata Shouyo is likened to a “tiny giant”. Check out the products in our store that were based on this character if you adore him and are inspired by the inspiring spirit he exudes: http://haikyuu-merchandise.com/themes/hinata-merch/ 

2. Kageyama Tobio

Kageyama Tobio

This manga series’ other main character, Kageyama Tobio, is cool, attractive, and stands at an outstanding height. He is regarded as a prodigy in the volleyball world because of his outstanding natural talent. He has even more accurate throws and passes now that he has attended a summer camp for all Japanese teenagers. His pride has been his major weakness throughout the series, but since meeting and becoming teammates with Shouyo, he has grown more outgoing around his comrades. Due to their dissimilar personalities, he and Hinata Shouyo didn’t get along at first, but after fighting alongside one another numerous times, they grew to like one another. Check out our products if you’re attracted to Kageyama Tobio’s cool, gorgeous beauty: http://haikyuu-merchandise.com/themes/kageyama-tobio-merch/ 

3. Toru Oikawa

Toru Oikawa

The series’ strongest character is thought to be Toru. He is the founder and captain of Aoba Johsai, an omnipotent guy, occasionally clumsy yet the most feared arranger of all time. He can effectively take advantage of his teammates’ strengths. He is the strongest and most capable captain in the series thanks to this talent. View our selection of Toru Oikawa-related merchandise if you’re a fan of this outstanding skipper: http://haikyuu-merchandise.com/themes/oikawa-merch/ 

4. Kenma Kozume


Kenma Kozume

Kenma is described as being of medium height, having a tiny build, and having shaky balance. Kenma frequently takes a gaming console with him, which is a signature characteristic of him. Kenma is a patient, analytical person who rarely loses his temper or becomes overly excited or frustrated. This gives Kenma a fairly icy appearance. Kenma is fairly quiet and doesn’t speak up very frequently because he doesn’t like to stand out or draw attention to herself in any manner. Because of this, it is really challenging for him to make friends. In spite of his reserved demeanor, Kenma excels at volleyball, with an exceptional feel of play, impeccable technique, and a keen sense of strategy. The volleyball squad at Nekoma High School was founded by Kenma, he also termed as “the heart and mind of the Nekoma volleyball team”. Kenma can swiftly come up with strategies and original plays to beat his opponent since he has a cool head and a tranquil heart. If you adore this character, see our merchandise here that is based on Kenma:http://haikyuu-merchandise.com/themes/kenma-kozume-merch/ 

5. Yuu Nishinoya

Yuu Nishinoya

Yuu Nishinoya is just 1m60 tall, yet due to his sturdy build and powerful fighting attitude, everyone views him as Karasuno’s guardian deity. Nishinoya, who plays defense for the team, possesses exceptionally superior skills and is capable of playing on par with half of Karasuno’s high-defensive team. Even though he appears shorter than other players, his serious demeanor, incredibly competent play, and icy demeanor are more than enough to make rivals scared. You might enjoy the things listed below if you are a fan of this “guardian god”: http://haikyuu-merchandise.com/themes/nishinoya-yuu-merch/ 

It is hard to pick just 5 characters from Haikyuu that stand out the most. However, after much deliberation, I have come up with my top five strongest characters in the series. Each of these players has their own strengths and weaknesses that make them unique and makes for some nail-biting matches. If you’re looking for a sports anime that will leave you on the edge of your seat, give Haikyuu a try! And if you’re looking for merchandise based on the characters in this manga series, come by our booth right away to find the most distinctive items: http://haikyuu-merchandise.com/

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